Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Russians invented cinema volumetric

New development of the Ural scientists can turn the world film industryAt Urals invented technology which allows real-time transfer of any movie in volumetric image. From already known format 3D know-how skilled craftsmen Yekaterinburg is the fact that the format will be transferred Stereoscopic already screened the movie (and hence, it will cost much cheaper). Developers speak of a breakthrough in the market and the film industry expect to receive billions of dollars of profits from Hollywood giants.

The first film volumetric display for journalists took place on Tuesday in Yekaterinburg, in the building of Sverdlovsk Oblast filmofonda.

"Russian film takes in a voluminous format for 1 million rubles," a symbolic fee for its "with the Americans asked already 100 million" was planned to show the film wonders voluminous by the example of the recent premiere, "I -" legend: Will Smith will play golf at acquired depth and size cruiser-museum, zombies are three-dimensional, and the viewer perceives itself facing the middle of the desert of New York.

But at the last minute was unable to agree with copyright holders, and new technology to obkatali movie "Last fantasy: a generation of children" (he has already reached the license DVD). Flights animated heroes in space by volume looked like format is not so impressive, as might be expected, but organizers said that has brought filmofonda equipment.

"This is a multimedia breakthrough on the world market - confidently declares CEO Inginiring Group engaged in promotion of technology, Alexei Smirnov. -- Any film already screened can be converted to volumetric regime. Stereoscopic cinema has always been spectacular, but unprofitable: every scene had to withdraw from three perspectives. This technology is cheaper than stereo. According to preliminary estimates of experts, whom we contacted, it trillion potential. Now hardly cinema halls are filled within a few days after the premiere. With our technology halls every day will be packed to capacity. "

Phenomenon EVA technology pioneer in a 32 - year-old Michael Paikin, director of the theatre "Extreme" Improvisation in Yekaterinburg, "New Theatre" drama in St. Petersburg, amateur arthausa and stereoscopic cinema. When he found out that only one in Yekaterinburg theater "October", which showed movies in stereo format, switched to a system of Dolby Digital, and in Peter stereokinoteatr closed altogether, Michael thought as a favorite to return to cinema screens.

"As all good movies built on the same principle as stereokadr - is the fore, medium and long-range - I thought that it is possible to recreate Stereoscopic effect in any movie, and even on TV. We need only to distort this image, "- says Michael.

For his ideas, he came to stereooborudovaniya producers, television programmers and masters. Those not believe in the success of the conceived: technology to develop volumetric images in the past, but all to no avail.

Then Michael Zogby for the computer and using simple programs like Adobe Photoshop began to search for numerical algorithm, which would translate into any frame Stereoscopic regardless of its composition, lighting and other factors.

After six months of sleepless nights, and tens of thousands of computer pictures otsmotrennyh when Michael almost despaired to find the desired combination of numbers, the algorithm was found. Another took six months to specialists Scientific Center "Data Center" to develop a technology to convert the image into an ordinary stereo image instantly, in the fraction of a second, so that the film can be viewed in real-time.

The technology is patented, is currently engaged in its promotion company Inginiring Group. A week later, will be established OAO Phenomenon EVA, which shall include the founders of both companies and himself Michael Paikin.

The device, which allows convert any digital image in the voluminous, is a chip 2 by 2 cm embedded with the program. The program allows real-time images to decompose monoizobrazhenie, then every element of a pair held 7 geometric transformations. As a result, the viewer sees the volumetric image.

Between stereoscopic cinema, which has long been known, and new technology has several major differences. First, the film is transferred to already lengthy treatment after it was removed. Secondly, if stereokinoteatre had to keep his head in a certain position to see the stereo effect, the new digitally points allowed to watch the film from any angle and in any position. Moreover, they did not tire the eyes. Now engineers are working on the Ural technology, which allows to watch movies by volume format and without glasses.

"We can make bulk broadcast TV to create voluminous website, produce stereozhurnal" - tells about the prospects of technology Michael Paikin.

"We can create a voluminous and scenery - Alexei Smirnov continues, - the actors will play against the backdrop of living dinosaurs or Dima Bilan singing."

Meanwhile, the Inginiring Group decided not razmenivatsya to ordinary consumers, and made a bet on film: in the near future the company presents its technology Warner Bros. and Columbia Pictures.

Already, negotiations with kinokontsernom "Mosfilm": Inginiring Group proposes to convert any movie in Russian lengthy format for 1 million rubles - "symbolic fee for its". Columbia Pictures film, if the Americans make a bid for technology Phenomenon EVA, the translation of one already in the film will cost 100 million dollars, explains Alexei Smirnov.

In future plans - the creation of volumetric video games ( "This is a dream gamers!" - Divided Smirnov pleased with the passion and begins to tell how a player will ATRs on enemy territory, and will be around all the voluminous that even grass, it seems, can be TOUCH.)

Another idea - to sign a contract with Samsung to produce a series of television with a built-chip; button on the remote viewer will be able to choose himself, the image he habitually look flat or voluminous.

In two weeks in Yekaterinburg be held the first public screening in the voluminous format. Negotiations are currently under way with a rolling studios to get permission to run.

Text: Daria Vahrusheva